Water with a Boost.

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Fun Fact: Your liver is the organ that does the majority of your detoxification! Whenever we place our liver in the state of stress we are not allowing it to do what it was intended to do efficiently!

A liver that is constantly stressed can’t keep the body clean because it is constantly in overdrive!¬† Although our liver is made to detoxify our body, it can’t because your liver is too busy trying to get rid of the overload of toxins that we are exposed to. So instead of shutting down, our body will go into survival mode and store the toxins in your fat! If we try to lose weight (fat) without getting rid of the toxins stored in the fat first, our bodies know that we be overrun with toxins. So no matter how much exercise we do, our body will not shed any of the fat that is storing toxins, since your liver hasn’t been able to process the toxins from your system.

So, if you have stubborn fat and your tired of it, consider adding Lemon! Lemon is a natural detoxifier! The more help we can offer our liver, the better! Plus, the faster we start to see results from our hard work, the more motivation we will have to STICK with continuously improving!

Adding lemon to your water will not only help your body shed that stubborn fat quickly, but studies have shown that it will also help you decrease the chance of getting cancer!!! Makes sense, right? I mean if your liver is working correctly, it gets rid of the yuckiness that can lead to all sorts of horrible ailments.

Lemon oil literally brings sunshine into your day! Lemon essential oil is taken  from the rind of the Sicilian Lemon, not from the juice. It is cold-pressed and has many other benefits.

For only pennies, YOU can get the same benefits from Lemon essential oil! Check out my doTERRA page for more information.

How to Get Benefits: 1 or 2 drops in a 4 to 8 ounce glass or stainless steel beverage (the essential oils will break down most plastics) and you will be receiving cleansing and emotionally uplifting benefits. You can also take it daily in a empty veggie capsule!