Beckoning Brenda

Meet Brenda. ?Brenda is one of the first girls that I became ?‍♀️friends with when I moved to Corpus Christi?. Not only is she a good friend but she is a total blast and a beauty inside and out! I mean look at those beautiful dark almond shaped eyes!!! Brenda loves her eyes but isn’t a big fan of her cheeks so I focused on helping her feel good about her overall face! She was looking for a good every day look!

What I used:
Highlight in Mango. This color really opned up her eyes and highlighted her cheeks.
Contour in Olive which helped sculpt without looking over done.
Blush in Nude
Lips in Nude and Pink Grapefruit in the middle to make her lips pop!
?Brenda said her makeup made her feel sexy without it being too cakey ? or un-natural!
What do y’all think?


Creative Kate

Can I just tell you how much I love this woman?
I knew I loved her when I started following her blog ages ago but once I met her it was solidified in a major way. She is so sweet, down to earth and fun! Plus her blog is a wonderland of amazing hair tutorials (here is one of my favorite’s) for mid length hair. So there’s that.
She’s also well versed in the world of makeup. She posts tips and products and all that and the girl knows her stuff.

(Kate from The Small Things Blog)

Photographs by Janae Godfrey

What I used:

Tomas Tanner on her face and decolletage

IIID Foundation (for coverage, color, complexion & contouring all in one) in Medium Dark {AKA stone + sunlit + pink grapefruit + pearl} Without the Tanner Kate would normally be a Light.

Mac Brun on the brows

Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer on the eyelids and lower lash line.

A little bit of Mocha from the Naturally pretty Palette in the crease.

Kat Von D Ink Liner on her top lash line.

Esqido False Lashes in Lashlorette 

Lip Liner NYX in Taupe

Gerard Cosmetics in Buttercup

(taken from Maskcara website)

Nice and Pretty Natalie

SO Natalie is absolutely gorgeous and I have to tell you she has the COOLEST coloring! Her hair is naturally very light blonde (I think she lightens it up even more to platinum) and her brows are almost black! Totally gorgeous and pretty cool for her since it’s something a lot of people are trying to recreate in fashion right now:)

This was a fun and very quick makeover! I love to show how much you can pull things together and bring out beautiful features with just little tweaks!


What I used:
IIID Foundation in White peach (new limited edition product VERY similar to Linen but a tad brighter) + Walnut + Pink Grapefruit + Pearl
Sebastian Liner (filled with a touch of pink grapefruit blush)
Esquido False Lashes in Oh Sweet (OK that was kind of a bigger tweak – but…lashes!)
On her eyes I used Mocha from the Naturally Pretty and the fluffy end of the Eyeshadow Everything brush and went around her lash line in the Halo.

I also wanted to take a minute to mention how wonderful my weekend was spending time chatting up and making over so many amazingly beautiful and lovely women. Thank you so so much for everyone who came to Pinners. I can’t tell you how much I love meeting you guys and putting your beautiful faces to the women I love from the other side of the screen. You were also VERY helpful in giving me some good ammo for upcoming posts based on a lot of great questions and suggestions!

THANK YOU! I am beyond grateful for all of your kindness and support.

(taken from Maskcara website)

Beautiful Brooke

Let me introduce you to a very beautiful woman named Brooke. She always felt like she had no idea what to do when it comes to makeup. She was so nervous for the makeover because she just feels so overwhelmed by all of it. I totally understand why women would feel that way. We’ve been inundated with different (and often contradicting) ‘Beauty rules’ and “secrets’ all our lives! I think if you make something seem complicated people will think they need your product or you magazine or your advice to do it right and while advice is helpful I think the delivery and the attitude can be really damaging.
I can’t tell you how many women tell me they feel exactly how Brooke felt.
It really is simple. You already have a beautiful face! You’re 99.9% of the way there with just what God gave you! All makeup does is bring it out and show it off a bit. Like a frame or a spotlight.
As Nick proved with his first stab at makeup, even if you’ve never touched the stuff at any age you’re still not too behind! I hope some of you that can attest to that will chime in in the comments because I’ve had so so many sweet emails telling me they thought they were beyond hope in the beauty arena until watching ONE tutorial!
One tutorial folks!
With Brooke I focused on easy everyday techniques that make a big impact, bring out her gorgeous features (Um look at those lips!) and for heaven sakes don’t cover up those beautiful freckles!

What I did:
IIID Foundation in sunlit + stone + pink grapefruit + honey
The contouring brought out her cheeks in a MAJOR way and really sculpted out her jawline beautifully. The sunlit is magic when it comes to freckles because it manages to even out the skin without covering them all up.
A lot of women with redness avoid blush but I think that a soft pink can soften it instead of cut it out so your coloring isn’t radically different.
I chose the Honey because I thought it would be GORGEOUS to bring out her eyes!

Speaking of eyes for those gorgeous browns I used a really warm orangy shadow as a base around the whole eye then with a cone shaped smaller brush added some intensity with a dark brown right at the lash line on top and bottom.
For her brows I used Urban Decay Brow pencil in Dark just to fill in the sparse areas and give some added definition.

For her lips I lined them first with OCC Sebastian Lip Pencil and blended it, then I just put a dab of pink grapefruit in the center to brighten them up a touch and a little touch of clear gloss.

Dusted some Milk Chocolate Bronzer on her cheeks and forehead to add a little sunkiss.

And finished her off with some All Nighter setting spray.

Hope you love the look!

(taken from Maskcara webpage)