Stress Less!

Think of ONE person that experiences ZERO STRESS on a daily basis.

(This exercise is nearly impossible because unfortunately, most people are living with dangerous amounts of stress!)

Stress can not only be physically harmful, but it can prove to be an emotional barrier as well.

If you are looking for an LRP recommendation that will support healthy stress management, then this is absolutely perfect for you!

Wild Orange Oil (10.50 PV) – With multiple health benefits and an energizing aroma that can uplift the mind and body, Wild Orange has become one of dōTERRA®’s top selling essential oils. You can add a few drops in the diffuser and a few drops with a carrier oil on your chest to support feelings of stress and anxiousness

Daily Nutrition Pack (50 PV) – Ready to fill daily nutrient deficiencies, dōTERRA® Daily Nutrient Pack contains Microplex VMz and xEO Mega dietary supplements which work together to support the body’s natural functions and provide essential nutrients.

Balance Oil (20 PV) – The warm, woody aroma of Balance, doTERRA’s grounding blend, creates a sense of calm and wellbeing. You should use this powerful a few drops of this powerful oil on your feet and spine.

Serenity (30 PV) – With a calming and relaxing aroma that soothes the soul, the dōTERRA® Serenity Blend can be used to lessen feelings of tension, calm emotions, and promote relaxation. You can put a few drops on your chest and belly. You do not need to use a carrier oil, but feel free for deeper penetration. I also enjoy Serenity on my feet.

This package is perfect for you (or anyone) battling with stress. It helps calm the mind, create a sense of peace, and makes life more enjoyable.

Let me know if you have any questions.

<3 Rachel Murphy

PS: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Hey {FNAME},

So now that you have learned the basics, here are some of my absolute favorite ways to use essential oils for organ function!

I waited this long because I wanted my  to lay a foundation of understanding for your Essential Oils lifestyle. Are you ready to see some big benefits for organ function? This is my specialty! I am so excited to share this with you I can barely contain myself (I had to put some lavender on to calm myself down.)

The reason I get so passionate about helping people is that using these oils for organ support and function has been a lifesaver for me. It literally changed my life, my relationships and my outlook on health because of how much better I am able to feel.

What I love about essential oils is that it’s not a silver bullet cure all, as you learn to use the essential oils synergistically with each other for many uses, you’ll see how much more powerful it is than playing with them on the surface so to speak.

As you learn how the chemistry works with your chemistry, you will know what oils to grab for and what use and it will start to come naturally to you. You will become skilled in your home for your needs and your family’s needs because you have slowly come to learn how these amazing gifts of the earth actually work.

Now it is time that I go into details and become specific:

  • Chemical stress: We are exposed to things like painting, varnish, new carpet, pesticides, herbicides, candles, perfumes, and GMO’s even though we have cleaned up our homes! That is what we can control, here is a great regimen for reducing the chemicals in your body that you can’t control: 5 drops grapefruit in a glass of water (not plastic) and apply grapefruit with carrier oil on thyroid and liver. Apply lemon on kidneys. Diffuse lime for added boost. Still sluggish? Try taking activated charcoal capsules as directed which most grocery stores carry regularly.
  • Adrenal support: Do you get that afternoon sluggishness? That is usually your adrenal glands, depending on when you wake up.  If you wake up at 7am, your sluggish would be around 2pm. If it’s 9am you wake up, you’ll be sluggish at 4pm. So what do we do? Mito2max® in the morning and afternoon. Wild orange and frankincense massaged on back of neck. Aromatouch on kidneys and spine. Try to avoid caffeine in the afternoon, this can interfere with sleep as well as drain your adrenals even more!
  • Lack of energy do to emotions: Try to pinpoint where your lack of energy is coming from emotionally. Check your emotional wheel chart and decide what oils you need. I like motivate because of the high amount of mint and citrus oils. Diffused and on my belly and heart gets me energized again.
  • Sleep like a baby: We all know a good day starts with a good night’s sleep. I love to use Serenity® on my chest and feet, Balance® along spine and Cedarwood® on my chest. Also consider any emotional or physical component to sleepless nights such as stress hormones or stimulants such as media or screens.
  • Temporary relief of aches and pain: Deep blue® to the rescue! I also incorporate Deep Blue Polyphenol complex®. Which is a must for joint and muscle support. You might look into underlying issues causing joint discomfort, diet, emotions, stress and chemicals which can also trigger joint and muscle aches.
  • Hormonal Balancing: This is an entire email on its own coming up! In the meantime, ClaryCalm® is excellent for men and women at detoxifying the xenoestrogens (fake hormones) that attach to cell receptor sites confusing the body greatly. You will want to avoid colognes, plastics, heavy metals and other chemicals if you want your hormones to do well into the golden years. Women can apply ClaryCalm at any age to sooth hormones over ovaries and the uterus. Men are encouraged to apply it over the testes.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Let me know if you have any questions.

<3 Rachel Murphy

PS: I can show you an easy way  to order some of our best supplements with a fantastic discount with your LRP order. When you add your legacy pack kit, you can  also add 3 items to your legacy pack for $20 a piece in stead of $40-60. Let me know if I can help!

Strong and Healthy Immune System

One of the things that I share with nearly every person who enters my life is the importance of building a strong and healthy immune system. There is a proverb that I have heard many times which states, “He who has his health has 1000 dreams. He who has no health only has one.” When we lose our health, the only focus of our life becomes regaining this extremely important asset which is why I believe in prevention by means of a gentle cleanse and detoxification of your entire body.

If you are looking for an LRP Recommendation that will support your immune system, then this package is absolutely perfect!

Zendocrine Softgels (21.50 PV) – Made with a blend of powerful essential oils, Zendocrine Softgels help to cleanse the body of harmful free radicals while also supporting the functions of a healthy liver. (Take 1 Zendocrine Softgel in the morning and 1 at night)

On Guard® Softgels (21.50 PV) – Encapsulated in vegetarian-friendly softgels, dōTERRA® On Guard+ contains essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system particularly when seasonal threats are high. (Take as directed: 1-3 capsules when immune system needs support)

On Guard® Hand Wash (18.50 PV) – Keep your hands clean and protected with the power of dōTERRA® On Guard proprietary blend.

Helichrysum Oil (75 PV) – Helichrysum has been used in herbal health practices since ancient Greece and the oil is highly valued and sought after for its many health benefits.

Lime Oil (13) – Due to its high limonene content, Lime provides internal cleansing benefits* and can be diffused to help purify the air.

Arborvitae Oil (22 PV) – Known as the “tree of life, ” Arborvitae is majestic in size and abundant in unique benefits.

Here is a quick how-to that will support you in a big way!

  • Use Helichrysum along spine and sinuses and add five drops in a capsule up to twice a day for adults.
  • Use Arborvitae along the chest and feet.
  • Use Lime in a full veggie capsule and 5 drops massaged on your belly with a carrier oil

Peppermint Beadlets (11.50 PV) – Each tiny beadlet delivers a refreshing burst of Peppermint as it dissolves in your mouth while invigorating your senses as you breathe in the cooling aroma of pure Peppermint essential oil. More than a breath mint, dōTERRA® Peppermint Beadlets can be used for oral care, respiratory health, digestive comfort, and all other situations in which Peppermint essential oil is used internally.

On Guard® Beadlets (15 PV) – Providing a convenient way to obtain the immune-boosting benefits of dōTERRA® On Guard, dōTERRA® On Guard Beadlets are perfect for traveling and on-the-go.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this package or any Essential Oils.

As you know, I live for OILS!

-Rachel Murphy

PS: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Love Potion

What do the birds and the bees know?

Turns out, a lot.

When it comes to keeping the passion alive, Mother Nature has us covered with amazing essential oils including rose, jasmine, clary sage, ylang ylang, and fennel just to name a few.

You can mix and match any of these essential oils for the perfect aphrodisiac diffuser blend or mix with Jojoba oil for an incredibly sensual massage oil blend.

If you’re ready for a treat, I recommend making a spark with this diffuser recipe (use this one or the one in the graphic):

  • 2 drops of dōTERRA® wild orange
  • 2 drops of dōTERRA® ylang ylang
  • 2 drops of dōTERRA® whisper

I can come up with the perfect mix for you if you’d like – just send me scents you enjoy and I’ll do my part to keep the fire alive.

Peace, love and essential oils!

How Are You Feeling

Most people don’t know this, but one of my favorite ways to use essential oils is for emotional support. I really can’t imagine not using these considering the stress I have had in my life in recent years, they have been a life savor!

I use them when stressed, anxious, tired, unfocused, sad and yes — even angry!

A little forgive blend on my solar plexus (under the ribs) and my power is back on!

It’s interesting that emotions actually are ‘energy in motion’ that stick to cell receptor sites and permeate through our entire body. This is often why emotions create negative physical outcomes and impede on our entire quality of life.

The good news is that essential oils that are pure and potent, like dōTERRA®, also ‘attach’ to cell receptor sites facilitating emotional tones leaving your body that are undesirable. What is even more powerful is when you say the emotions you want to feel while simultaneously using your sense of smell and touch to tap into new emotions.

For example. If I were wanting to shift an emotion from:

Anxious to Calm

I would apply Serenity to my belly or heart while saying, “I am calm” “everything will be okay,” or “I am at peace.” The combination of words, thoughts, scents and tones from the oils will give you a powerful shift. I use oils for emotions up to three times a day, but I also rotate often because I am a human, and I don’t stay the same from day to day! Neither do you.

Just because I want to further reinforce how powerful Essential Oils are for your emotions, I have a fantastic video that is going to open your mind to an entirely new way of shifting to a positive state.

Use the passcode- ‘wiseoiler’ to watch ‘Essential Emotions”

Use the passcode- ‘wiseoiler’ to watch ‘Essential Emotions”

I want to open my world to you so that you can better understand how I use Oils for emotional support.

Stuck emotion: I will use cypress, ginger or wild orange on my chest and belly or spine and say “I trust the process of life,” or “My life is flowing forward,” or “I am moving on.”

Angry emotion: I will apply forgive and put on my heart and say ‘I forgive myself, or others who have offended me,” or “I am grateful for the power I have to forgive and be content.”

Disempowered emotion: I will apply oils with citrus blends like dōTERRA® Motivate, dōTERRA® Cheer, dōTERRA® Elevation or dōTERRA® Balance to my spine, belly and especially solar plexus (power center) and say “I am in control of my destiny,” or “I am in control of my emotions,” or “I decide how I react,” or ‘I am empowered.”

Here is a wonderful chart that will help you figure out what oils you need to use for what emotions you might be having. Don’t forget dōTERRA® Balance, dōTERRA® Serenity, dōTERRA® Elevation and dōTERRA® Citrus Bliss are powerful emotional shifters as well. dōTERRA®’s new emotional aromatherapy kit might be just what you need to get started with empowering your emotions.

Please let me know if you have any questions. This happens to be a topic that I am extremely passionate about and it is my honor to share this with you!

PS: If you are really intrigued by this topic as I am, you might really like this book,Emotions and Essential oils, from Aromatools.

Good Riddance to Head Tension

I hope the day is treating you well!

A few days ago a woman asked my advice for alleviating her head tension and I want to share the same advice with you.

Step 1: Stay hydrated, eat well, get enough sleep and try not to let stress rule your life.
Step 2: Reach for the dōTERRA® peppermint oil!

Peppermint oil has a cooling, pain relieving essence that soothes most head tensions. Rub a drop straight onto your temples or dilute with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil for sensitive skin) on your forehead, shoulders and nape of your neck.

Alternatively, a simple drop of frankincense oil under your tongue will help ease your head tension. For persistent head tension, you may want to take a drop every few minutes for up to 15 minutes until you feel relief. Grapefruit oil can be an amazing solution for head tension caused by chemicals such as pesticides, perfumes, candles or even cleaning products. We’ll teach you how to detox your home soon, but for now, this is a great start.

As the tension subsides, you’ll also find extra relief as you enjoy dōTERRA® Deep Blue® across your forehead. (Just wash your hands after as it doesn’t feel very good in your eyes.)

If you’re having trouble following any of my tips for finding the right essential oils, let me know and I will make sure you are taken care of.

Peace, love, and essential oils my friend!

For more on these oils visit my doTERRA page.

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons…

  • Freshen clothes with a drop of lemon oil added to the rinse cycle
  • Restore leather with a drop of lemon oil buffed on with a soft cloth
  • Polish silver and jewelry with a few drops of lemon oil and a rag
  • Remove gum and gook with a drop applied directly to the residue
  • Wash greasy hands with lemon oil added to your favorite soap
  • Cleanse with 40 drops of lemon oil, 8oz distilled water in a glass spray bottle
  • Find more reasons to love lemon essential oil!

I can go on and on about the uses of lemon essential oil (like how it’s been used to protect apple juice against environmental threats or how it aides fat loss when added to drinking water) but I’ll stop here and let you soak in all it’s amazing uses thus far.

Let me know if you have any questions… I’m actually about to whiten my teeth with it!

P.S. To whiten your teeth naturally, simply rub a mix of lemon essential oil, baking soda and coconut oil on your teeth for two minutes. Voila!

doTERRA Hacks

Check out these amazing hacks to use NOW!


Spring Break Survival Guide

Spring Break is HERE! Can I get a hallelujah?!?! Be sure you you pack these survival tools so you’ll have a great vacay no matter if your destination is sun, sand or slopes.



1) Lavender–This versatile oil will help with too much sun, as well as be your go-to for sleep.
2) TerraShield–If you’re destination is at all tropical, you’ll want to have this natural insect repellant packed.
3) OnGuard–Take this immune-boosting boss to stay healthy and fight anything that threatens your system. Great to gargle with for a sore throat and also works great as a hand sanitizer.
4) DigestZen–Traveling can be tough on the tummy with more dining out than usual. It’s also great for nausea and motion sickness.You might also consider taking TerraZyme Digestive Enzyme Complex too.
5) Correct-X–Great for blisters, cuts and scraps and fits easily in your carry on.
6) Peppermint–Whether you need it’s cooling off or energizing powers, this is one I always have along.
7) doTERRA Lip Balm–Keep your lips hydrated wherever you are.
8) Balance–Traveling can throw us off routine and frazzle us (and the kids traveling with us). The grounded blend is a must for keeping everyone from moodiness.
9) Your diffuser–Pack your diffuser so you can keep your spring break hotel or vacation rental smelling good AND experience all the benefits of your oils aromatically.
10) Don’t forget to pack your Lifelong Vitality Supplements! Portion the days dose out in advance into a pill organizer or zip locks. LLV is such a foundation for wellness that it’s a definite for your Spring Break suitcase.

What other oil and doTERRA wellness products are a MUST for your Spring Break travels?

Communication is Key

Communicating makes the world go around.

And here you were thinking the world turns because of inertia after a cloud of hydrogen collapsed down from mutual gravity and needed to conserve its angular momentum!  Actually, it’s nowhere near that complicated … or is it?

We talk all day, sometimes we talk to ourselves if no one else will listen. But there are times when we talk and we don’t get understood by the other person. This can lead to stress and un-needed complications.

Without effective communication our relationships suffer and can be lost. All types of relationships can be lost because of inaccurrate communication. Can you think of a time when what you meant wasn’t what the other person understood? I’m sure that you have WAY too many of those instances to count. Why isn’t effective communication taught more than just in speech class? I mean, we use it EVERY DAY, don’t we?

Here are some great blends that can help you get your point across even when you are feeling overwhelmed, emotional, or just blah…


Over-emotional because they don’t understand when communicating?

doTERRA Balance includes essential oils for empowering, confidence and stabilising.

Being emotional when you are trying to talk to someone can really get in the way of your message. So in order to help those emotions I like to use Balance! It helps to feel more grounded and in touch with what your brain is trying to get across verses what your emotions are trying to say. Apply Balance to the soles of your feet and inhale it deeply from the bottle or a drop in your cupped hands.  This will help you to feel stabilised and cope constructively with reality.

Are your thoughts discombobulated and  do you doubt yourself?

Try these essential oils of geranium for opening the mind, sandalwood for grounding and lavender for concentration.

If you’re feeling scattered or overwhelmed, blend these into a roller bottle and it will help keep you focused and can aid in bringing people together on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Apply a drop to your wrists and the edges of your ears and if you can have a diffuser running during your discussion, all the better.

10 ml roller: 7 drops geranium, 10 drops sandalwood, and 15 drop lavender. Top off with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Do you lose your train of thought or forget the key points you wanted to raise?

doTERRA InTune includes essential oils of basil for energising your mind, cardamom for clearing confusion and bergamot for both uplifting and calming.

If you find you lose focus on the outcome you hope to achieve with your communicating, InTune is awesome for keeping you on track and feeling mentally sharp.  If your discussion is business-like, this oil is especially apt as a tool.  Inhale directly from the bottle and apply to the outer edges of your ears and temples.  Be sure to keep it well away from your eyes.


Remember to incorporate essential oils when you’re reading up on communicating effectively.  They can help you to absorb the information so you can more easily bring it to mind.