Many times we feel as though there just isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done! I know as a first time mom, I DEFINETLY can attest to that feeling! I was starting to feel very overwhelemed with the amount of stuff that just kept pilling up! It was as though I would finish one thing, just to turn around and see that in hind sight, it was still a hot mess!

Here are a few tips that I have implemented in my schedule to ensure that I didn’t lose my mind and that I could take back control of some of my time!

First, here is an amazing oil blend that helps keep you on task and focused. Introducing: InTune.

InTune is a proprietary blend of essential oils carefully selected for their ability to enhance and sustain a sense of focus. No matter your age, staying focused on the task at hand is sometimes difficult. This is especially critical during the formative years when learning and growing create habits and a foundation for life. The carefully selected essential oils in doTERRA InTune Focus Blend work together, supporting efforts of those who have difficulty paying attention and staying on task. Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Lime promote a sense of clarity, while the benefits of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Roman Chamomile are calming and soothing. The pleasing aroma of InTune Focus Blend makes this essential oil blend an easy and delightful one to use.

I love rolling InTune on my temples and on my pulse points during my “Time Blocks”… Time Blocks??? What’s that??? Glad you asked. As I mentioned, being a new mommy has been rough. Not only is it a full time job that can, let’s be real, at times suck the life outta ya, but it can be very stressful. On top of learning how to be a mommy, I am also responsible for maintaining my wife duties, cleaning the house, running my own doTERRA business, making sure that I do my end of keeping this website alive, and ensuring that the two rooms we rent out via AirBnB is running smoothly.  Time blocking has definitly saved me from running off the deep end! Now, what EXACTLY is it?

In a nutshell, instead of letting the clock run your life, you schedule blocks of time to focus on ONE thing at a time. It is so hard in today’s media induced world to focus on ONE THING at a time, but it is still VERY possible!

In order to start you will simply block off 20-30mins (STOP after 30 mins!) of your Monday morning to PLAN the rest of the week. Consider which one task—once completed—would make all your other work easier (or even unnecessary)? Put this task front-and-center in the first four hours of each work day. If you are a mommy, you don’t have 4 hours! So, do this when your babies are napping, if they don’t nap at the same time, and are at an age where they can entertain themselves for 30 mins at a time outside, or playing with another sibling, do it then.  Be flexible and real! Don’t stress that you can’t do it within a consecutive 4 hours.

What if you’re not a morning person? Schedule your most important task for your best-feeling time of day! The key is productivity, don’t try to force yourself to focus in on something when your brain isn’t fully awake! Each day ask youreslef, “What will I be proud of having done when I go to bed today?” Block time early enough in your day for these tasks and try YOUR BEST to accomplish them, if you don’t get them all done, it’s OKAY, no regrets!

For more information check out the rest of this weeks post as I will be giving more tips!

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Best Mood Ever

I have the joy, joy, joy, joy,
Down in my heart, (where?)
Down in my heart, (where?)
Down in my heart,
I have the joy, joy, joy, joy,
Down in my heart, (where?)
Down in my heart to stay.

Feeling good is a state of mind, you have a choice to feel any type of emotion you can think of! It’s nice to feel joyful, but let’s face it, it’s not always easy to feel joyful ALL of the time! Good thing there’s an oil for that! 😉

Enriched with a combination of calming, grounding, and revitalizing essential oils, Elevation Joyful Blend is true to its name. This blend will help to uplift the mind and emotions to create a joyful and calming atmosphere. Elevation essential oil’s powerful benefits can be obtained aromatically and topically. When diffused, this sweet floral and citrus blend can help lessen feelings of stress while emitting an energizing and refreshing aroma. Elevation can also be used topically to promote vitality, confidence, and a positive mood.

Elevation Uses and Benefits

  1. Because Elevation essential oil blend is composed of vitalizing and uplifting essential oils, it is a perfect blend to use when feeling sad. When you start to feel negative emotions arise, use Elevation topically or aromatically. This blend will help elevate mood and increase vitality.
  2. Not only does Elevation have powerful benefits for mood, but its aroma will bring a refreshing scent whenever it is used. Elevation is composed of essential oils from flowers and citrus fruit, and its sweet and floral fragrance reflects its plant origins. The aroma of Elevation essential oil blend is also energizing.
  3. Create your own positive environment when you use Elevation essential oil blend. This blend is called the joyful blend due to its ability to promote a positive mood. When you use Elevation in a diffuser or on your skin, it will help facilitate a revitalizing environment that will uplift and help you relish the joys of life.
  4. Don’t let the stress and nerves of an upcoming interview intimidate you or keep you from being your best self—use Elevation instead. Before an interview, diffuse Elevation essential oil blend to promote feelings of confidence and self-worth. You’ll walk into that interview confident in the unique and strong person you are.
  5. Feel empowered and ready to take on the day by applying Elevation blend topically. For quick results, rub elevation essential oil blend over your heart, temples, or wrists to elevate mood and promote vitality. This simple application can be done at any time of the day for a quick pick-me-up.
  6. Waking children and teenagers up after a night’s sleep can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. All too often, the groggy awakening after a deep sleep casts a shadow of negativity over the morning. To help your children wake up in a happier state, diffuse Elevation in the mornings before waking the kids to create a positive and energized mood.
  7. When the stresses and tasks of the day seem to be looming over you, make sure to step back and take a well-deserved break, or better yet, a warm bath with Elevation essential oil blend. For a relaxing experience, fill your bath with the desired temperature of water and add a few drops of Elevation for a restful, uplifting experience. Elevation will help lessen feelings of stress and will help create an uplifting atmosphere.
  8. Elevation is a choice essential oil blend for diffusion. If you are in need of a self-esteem boost or are wanting to lessen feelings of stress, now is the perfect time to pull out your diffuser and start diffusing Elevation. To promote feelings of self-worth while also reducing feelings of stress, add three to four drops of Elevation in the diffuser of your choice and diffuse.
  9. Do you tend to get stressed when addressing large groups or audiences? Reduce the stress you feel with public speaking by using Elevation before your big moment. Simply diffuse Elevation or apply Elevation topically for fast results. Elevation will help lessen feelings of stress so that you can publically speak without unnecessary emotions getting in the way.
  10. A positive mood can go a long way; that is why Elevation essential oil blend is an important blend to have on hand. When you need more confidence due to experiencing a difficult transition, teaching a challenging subject in a classroom, or seeking a more positive atmosphere in the home, diffuse Elevation to promote a positive mood and increase feelings of confidence and self-worth.

Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.

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Aspire to be More

What do you aspire to be or do? Need a little help feeling stronger?  Could you use a little extra courage?

Aspire is a proprietary essential oil blend that enlivens the senses and inspires the soul. CPTG® essential oils of Lime and Cardamom create a sense of openness and mental clarity while Hyssop and Cedarwood provide warming and grounding aromatic benefits. Blue Nepalese Chamomile essential oil is renowned for its ability to ease feelings of tension and soothing properties. Apply Aspire to pulse points throughout the day to stay focused, energized, and driven.

I love using Aspire when I am feeling a bit like giving up. This blend is very uplifting and reminds me to be STRONG and to have COURAGE to face whatever life is trying to throw at me in that moment. It is also great to apply to pulse points right before starting a busy work day. Try this oil blend the next time you feel like you need to aspire for greatness.

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