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  • SUPPORT: Me as your Free Personal Coach 

The #1 secret to success with any fitness and nutrition program is to stay accountable to your own health and weight-loss goals. That’s why we’re in this together. Not only will we support you in your journey, but we will help hold you accountable to your goals. We will have check-ins and give you tips to help you through your process, whatever that looks like for you. FREE with PURCHASE OF ANY PACK


Get ready for a total-body transformation like you’ve never seen before It takes a focus on fitness and nutrition for at least 3 months to get stunning, head-turning results. You’ll also get access to hundreds of world-class workouts On Demand so you can stay on track and in shape! Get access to exclusive workouts that haven’t released yet! Plus you will have the ability to add any new program for 25% OFF!


Intro Guide and Workout Calendar to help start you off right and keep you going strong. Taking the guess work out of what you need to do, A Workbook and Daily Logbook help set you up to get the most out of this incredible program. Helpful video summaries, daily check-ins, and thought-provoking reflections to make sure you’re getting to the core of what drives your health decisions. As well as a phone app to keep it all together.

  • NUTRITION: Shakercup, and Meal Plans

You’ll get an easy-to-follow portion-control system that keeps your nutrition on track without ever making you feel deprived. This comes with Meal Plan ideas and guides to take all the guess work out of it.

  • NUTRITION: 30-Day Supply of Superfoods

Your day starts with your nutritional foundation—Superfoods. When you start with a solid foundation, it helps your whole day follow suit. Our superfoods are carefully crafted with a healthy blend of potent ingredients to nourish the complex needs of your body to help you make the lasting change you’re looking for. When your body gets more of what it craves, you’re empowered to do more. Rise to the challenge of change.

  • NUTRITION: Performance Pre-workout and Post-workout Supplements

This performance-enhancing supplement system can help you get the most out of your workouts. My “Happy Juice” and “Muscle Madness” helps give you more energy to work out harder and helps speed recovery, so you can hit it again. Energy has never come easier than with these incredible supplements. Use only on the days you work out. They are both designed around the principle of Targeted Nutrition, meaning that when they’re consumed at specific times, the potent ingredients—provided at clinically tested levels—will be highly effective in helping you push your workouts harder and also helping you recover faster.

  • NUTRTION Cleanse and Detox

If you’re looking for a way to jump-start a new healthy-eating lifestyle, help you shed a few pounds, and feel revitalized, this Cleanse is for you. This 3-day program of specially formulated shakes, easy-to-prepare clean meals, and healthy snacks has been specially designed to help you break the cycle of bad eating habits, lose a few pounds, support healthy digestion, and dramatically improve the way you feel—without giving up food.

  • NUTRTION Snackbars

We’ve helped millions achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals. We know what it takes, and what your body needs along the way. This snackbar has an ideal amount of protein, to help feed your muscles and give you energy, and just 6g sugar so you get the most out of each bite, without it biting you back. (10g protein, 6g sugar, Just 150 calories, Good source of fiber, Gluten-free, 0 trans fats).

  • NUTRITION: Boost of Greens

Whether you don’t have enough time to cook, go grocery shopping, or simply don’t like the taste of veggies, boost your shake with Power Greens Boost. Unfortunately, today’s average diet does not usually meet the daily recommended amount of veggies, but Power Greens can help! Each serving of concentrated powder has the equivalent of 1 cup of green vegetables (volume before drying). It’s like you’re eating ½ cup dark leafy greens, ⅓ cup cucumbers, and ⅓ of a large celery stalk. Maybe you’re a veggie hater. Maybe you’re on-the-go and the menu options are veggie-challenged. Or maybe you’re a firm believer that more is better. Regardless, the bottom line is, when it comes to greens, the more you eat, the happier your body will be.


  • SUPPORT: A Wellness Revelation Journey with book

This journey will challenge you to get fit by seeking God first and foremost. God wants to free you from what weighs you down and keeps you from your marvelous purpose. In this journey, you will learn how to live well both physically and spiritually so that you are best equipped to love and serve others from a whole heart. The Wellness Revelation will change the way you love God, yourself, and others. Each week in this eight-week journey includes a teaching, weekly fitness training assignments, Bible study, and more. Together we will provide you with the tools to help you see yourself as God created you and to spread the gospel with courage, confidence, kindness, and freedom.($42 by itself… if you decide you want this add$42 to the price for your new total)

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