Be 100 Challenge plans


Here are the three categories for your needs. Please head directly to the title I suggested to see the plan options, or feel free to browse the other options.

Be100 Nutrition Focused Plans:

Not only will you have access to all the 100 workouts, but you will be able to really tackle your nutrition to help you cut sugar cravings, finally end the yo-yo dieting cycle, while also learning how your body reacts to certain foods. Get in depth knowledge that will help you see food in a whole new light! Nutrition is 80% of the entire healthy lifestyle difference!

Be100 Challege Plans:

Get your life transformed in 100 days! These plans will give you access to 100 workouts that will be sure to get you feeling better as you continue to show up for YOUR goals. Nutrition guide provided.

Be100 Completion Plans:

This is for current customers who are already using my On Demand program.




  • SUPPORT: A Wellness Revelation Journey with book

This journey will challenge you to get fit by seeking God first and foremost. God wants to free you from what weighs you down and keeps you from your marvelous purpose. In this journey, you will learn how to live well both physically and spiritually so that you are best equipped to love and serve others from a whole heart. The Wellness Revelation will change the way you love God, yourself, and others. Each week in this eight-week journey includes a teaching, weekly fitness training assignments, Bible study, and more. Together we will provide you with the tools to help you see yourself as God created you and to spread the gospel with courage, confidence, kindness, and freedom.($42 by itself… if you decide you want this add$42 to the price for your new total)

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