90 Days to a New YOU!

We are about to start a new journey! We are so very thrilled that you have decided to take on a new adventure and we want you to know how much of an honor it is to serve you! So let’s see what our first week will look like:

Here is an article for you to read when you have some time: How Much Cardio Should I Do?

Your shopping list for the week: *You do not have to BUY all the ingredients. For example, if you want to buy veggie patties instead of making your own, just skip purchasing the ingredients for the veggie patties. There is a KEY on the last 2 pages that lets you know what recipe the ingredients are used for. Check out this video for help.

This week we need for you to give it as much as you can! Please be sure to watch our videos about proper form BEFORE attempting any of the workouts. You can find the videos here: Proper Form. We also encourage you to do the Daily Word (because we all need more Jesus) and read up on the Natural Solutions for more tips for helping your body be it’s best!

Week 1 Workouts:

Last but mot important, here is your meal plan for the first week. We want you to ENJOY this change and not feel like it is a huge difference or like you will not like the foods you’re eating. Trust us, we’ve got some pretty yummy stuff prepared for you!

Be sure to keep us in the loop. You will receive a text from us every night at 8pm CST to see how you are doing! We look forward to this journey to a healthy lifestyle!

P.S. Post pictures of your food and workouts to help inspire others to join you in this journey! Plus, it helps keep you accountable! We just ask that you kindly tag us in the pic. (@TheEnlightenEntrepreneur)


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