Beckoning Brenda

Meet Brenda. ?Brenda is one of the first girls that I became ?‍♀️friends with when I moved to Corpus Christi?. Not only is she a good friend but she is a total blast and a beauty inside and out! I mean look at those beautiful dark almond shaped eyes!!! Brenda loves her eyes but isn’t a big fan of her cheeks so I focused on helping her feel good about her overall face! She was looking for a good every day look!

What I used:
Highlight in Mango. This color really opned up her eyes and highlighted her cheeks.
Contour in Olive which helped sculpt without looking over done.
Blush in Nude
Lips in Nude and Pink Grapefruit in the middle to make her lips pop!
?Brenda said her makeup made her feel sexy without it being too cakey ? or un-natural!
What do y’all think?


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