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Did you know that if you read only 10 pages or 30 mins. a day you could drastically change the amount of knowledge your brain has! You can also expand your vocabulary and articulate better when you are communicating with people!

It has been told to us since kindergarten that we need to read. But why? In public schools reading is push down our throat so much that most of us are completely tired of being told to read by the time we are in third grade. This is especially true for boys.

As adults many people simply do not take the time to read. Sure, they’ll read social media post but even on media platforms everything is video! YouTube has made it extremely easy to get our message across without anyone having to actually read our message.

Audio books has made it easy as well. Now, I have nothing against audio books or YouTube. I think they are great platforms, but we lose a part of the process when we do not read the actual words. Our brains are better able to retain information as we make it stretch a little more. When you read something, you are engaging more of your body and mind versus simply watching or listening to something. When we read we are holding a book, our eyes are processing the letters, our minds are processing the words, and our imagination is inspired to create pictures. You don’t get all of this when you are simply watching or listening to something.

So pick up a book and start reading! If you’re looking for books to help you with your entrepreneurship take a look at these titles recommend by doTERRA.

Best Personal Development Book List

Every leader will tell you how necessary personal development is when building your business. Ever wonder where to get started? Below is a list of the top personal development books recommended by our doTERRA® leaders:

The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olsen

“Something I learned from this book is you need to do the things that are easy to do, but are easy not to do. In the last two month as I was trying to qualify for Diamond, I got a random encouraging text from one of my leaders every week. This was huge for me, but easy for her. Over time, the little things you do will make all the difference.” –Stephanie Fritz, Diamond

“Even though technology can help make our lives easier, we have become more and more busy and feel like we lack the time to get it all done. This book helps you realize that you can get it all done by consistently doing the little things necessary every day, instead of trying to get it all done in one day.” –Colin Kelly, Diamond

“This book gives you the hard truth and motivates you all the way down to the bones in your toes. Jeff lays out all the ways our small individual choices add up in the long term to success or failure. It has never been so clear to me how simple success is and how to achieve it, whether I’m trying to lose weight or building my dream business, until I read this book.” –Julie Bates, Gold

Go Pro, by Eric Worre

“This is an excellent book for those that desire to build a business with doTERRA. I gift it to my new Wellness Advocates that want to share doTERRA with others. It covers and teaches the seven network marketing skills that are crucial to building your doTERRA business. Commit to working on and improving those skills and you will grow your doTERRA business and empower so many people physically, emotionally, and financially.” –Lara Rininger, Silver

“Go Pro teaches the core principle actions to build a network marketing business, and take the steps to do it in a professional way. It teaches you to treat this as a profession. It really helps your people start off on the right foot.” –Angela Villa, Diamond

Beach Money, by Jordan Adler

“The simple steps listed in this book for success in network marketing make it all feel possible. I have changed the way I do business because of the three-step process in this book. I learned that if an eight-year-old can’t do it, then it’s not duplicable.” –Jeanne Bradley, Silver

“This book is what actually got my husband onboard with me in our business.” –Alyssa Collins, Silver

“This is the basic book I share with my new team members. It’s a quick read, easily digested, but with a powerful message. It introduces the importance of the concept of residual income and gets my builders off on the right foot.” –Traci Kennebeck, Blue Diamond

Being the Starfish, by Neal Anderson

“This is my favorite personal development book. It hammered home the importance of serving those with whom we’re sharing doTERRA; it’s really a holistic approach of determining their needs rather than ours and confidently offering solutions based on those needs. Neal gives the most practical steps and tips, and I noticed a difference in my success rates from the first time I implemented his advice.” –Jocelyn Jarvis, Silver

“This book set the tone for our whole team. It gives amazing insight on how to share in a way that is heartfelt, duplicable, and simple. We have everyone that has joined our team and wants to share read this book.” –Tiffany Pate, Silver

“This book offers very practical and specific help about the steps needed to be successful with sharing doTERRA. This book and the strategies in it have helped me get over some of the hurdles I was having, and now I can share it with my team and they are having similar success. I highly recommend this book.” –Karla Gleason, Gold

The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks

“This was a very life-changing book that helped me to see my upper limit problem. I think most people could really benefit from seeing clearly what’s holding them back and stop muddling things up when they are going well. We do this without conscious awareness, and this book helps one to see why, when things are going well, things stop going well. The central hidden realization we can come to is that when we begin to enjoy great success in some area of our lives, we tend to create problems in that or another area of our lives. We do this because we hit our upper limit of happiness, financial success, joy in a relationship, or any number of other things. This upper limit causes us to unconsciously sabotage ourselves or even make ourselves ill. Dr. Hendricks explains that we may have one or more of four hidden barriers that activate our upper limit self-sabotage. The barriers are caused by: feeling fundamentally flawed, disloyalty and abandonment issues, believing that more success brings a bigger burden, and the perceived crime of outshining. When we learn to break through our barrier, we can move into the zone of genius.” –Andrea Lambert, Silver

Other Book Recommendations:

Get off the Bench by Justin Harrison

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

Making the First Circle Work by Randy Gage

The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

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