Spring Break Survival Guide

Spring Break is HERE! Can I get a hallelujah?!?! Be sure you you pack these survival tools so you’ll have a great vacay no matter if your destination is sun, sand or slopes.



1) Lavender–This versatile oil will help with too much sun, as well as be your go-to for sleep.
2) TerraShield–If you’re destination is at all tropical, you’ll want to have this natural insect repellant packed.
3) OnGuard–Take this immune-boosting boss to stay healthy and fight anything that threatens your system. Great to gargle with for a sore throat and also works great as a hand sanitizer.
4) DigestZen–Traveling can be tough on the tummy with more dining out than usual. It’s also great for nausea and motion sickness.You might also consider taking TerraZyme Digestive Enzyme Complex too.
5) Correct-X–Great for blisters, cuts and scraps and fits easily in your carry on.
6) Peppermint–Whether you need it’s cooling off or energizing powers, this is one I always have along.
7) doTERRA Lip Balm–Keep your lips hydrated wherever you are.
8) Balance–Traveling can throw us off routine and frazzle us (and the kids traveling with us). The grounded blend is a must for keeping everyone from moodiness.
9) Your diffuser–Pack your diffuser so you can keep your spring break hotel or vacation rental smelling good AND experience all the benefits of your oils aromatically.
10) Don’t forget to pack your Lifelong Vitality Supplements! Portion the days dose out in advance into a pill organizer or zip locks. LLV is such a foundation for wellness that it’s a definite for your Spring Break suitcase.

What other oil and doTERRA wellness products are a MUST for your Spring Break travels?

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