Peace be with You

This is for all those times when you just need a little peace in your life! I know this week we have been talking about organization and how key it is for you to ensure that you are able to focus on the things that need to be done versus the minut things that don’t really matter. At times all those things can feel overwhelming! Especially when you feel like you didn’t get everything done, maybe feelings of regret or feelings of I should have done this or I should have done that differently, start to seep in. That’s what I like to bust out my peace.

I like to apply Peace to my wrist and to the back of my neck, with some fractionated coconut oil, during my time blocks that are just for me! It’s important that we take time out of our busy days to just reflect and have a little alone time. During my alone time is when I really like to just sit and talk to Jesus. Sometimes, most times, I just sit in the quiet and see if he has anything to tell me. And let’s be real, sitting in quiet doesn’t happen quite often. I try and do this during the first 5 minutes after my son has taken his first nap. If my husband is home, I stay in the room after my son has fallen asleep for an extra 5 minutes just so I can have some peace and quiet. ?

Another way I like to use pieces in a diffuser. I like to add one drop to my little whale diffuser that I got for Ezekiel. I do this right before bedtime or right before his naps. I find that it helps him sleep a little longer which in turn gives me a little more peace and quiet time to myself to get things done or just simply sit with Jesus.

I also absolutely love ❤❤❤ to pair this oil with Balance. Check out the benefits of the two together.

Oh and guess what. Today, February 20, 2018, if you buy peace you automatically get balance for free! For more information on this feel free to comment below.

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