When it’s hard to look past the hurts and trust during a time of total chaos we can feel a bit lonely.  We must remember that we are all children of God, and He has called each of us into a position to LOVE each other. We all make mistakes, a sin is a sin, in God’s eyes, they ALL hurt. Not one is more extreme, they all cause us to feel isolated in one way or another. Yet, we don’t have to feel shame or guilt! If we ALL realized that we are all connected as ONE, maybe we would help each other out a little more.  Need some help feeling ONE?

doTERRA® ONE combines essential oils from countries around the world—countries that overcome hardships by working together. This proprietary blend combines CPTG® essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Vetiver for their relaxing and soothing effects. Douglas Fir and Cardamom are known for their ability to maintain feelings of clear airways and uplift mood. One of dōTERRA’s rarest oils, Melissa, calms tension and nerves and promotes overall emotional health. Let the grounding aroma of ONE help balance your mind and spirit and remind you that in every success, tragedy, or helping hand, we are ONE.

This wonderful aromatic blend connects you with the One Consciousness and opens your heart.
Let go of your doubts and fears, step up and reach out to help mankind.

Check out this video click on ONE

I enjoy using this blend to help me relax and to refocus. It is also great to roll on your pulse points prior to yoga! I find that it helps me feel balanced and more centered. This blend is also really good for applying prior to going to a social gathering! If you’re not feeling the chatting vibe, simply apply to the nape of your neck, take a nice big huff, and let the amazing fragrance remind you that we are all ONE people!

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