What are Natural Solutions?

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We hear it all over the place there are natural options for literally EVERYTHING… Organic this and sol-fate free that. But why should you buy into all these claims of natural products, better yet, why are they so dang expensive???

For many years, businesses have been looking for ways to make money, I mean, that IS the whole point of business isn’t it? “Why do it, if I’m not getting paid to?” That my friends is the selfish mindset. It’s questions like these that lead us into traps! Businesses for far too long have been looking to science to replicate what God originally gave each of us here on earth. Science can manipulate almost everything that we can find in nature. And at times they are able to do it “cheaper”, but remember that cheaper products means cheaper quality.

Companies know that consumers like cheaper, we tend to lean towards it.  We work hard for our money, so why spend $6 on an all purpose cleaner (just an example) when I can pay $1.50 for it ? They both clean, right? Well, sort of, yes, they both have “all purpose cleaner” written on the label, but what is actually in the small print ingredients can mean all the difference between one toothpaste being safe for your family, or potentially leading to health problems that you could have never in a million years linked back to the $1.50 cleaner you bought 13 years ago.

So, here you are 13 years later, that initial $1.50 has turned into $11,500 worth of medical bills, well actually $11,501.50. The small print in the back really DOES matter! It is important to KNOW what you are putting in and on your body. Your body is a temple, you only get one, why would you ever want to destroy the one thing that you HAVE to live with for the rest of your life? Is it worth investing into? Isn’t your health worth taking the time to educate yourself to find a way to preserve what God gave you?

That is where natural solutions comes into play.

Our bodies are amazing, they are constantly working to try to fight off toxins, chemicals, free radicals, and basically JUNK, that we are exposed to (Let’s be real, most times WE are the ones actually consuming these into our bodies). Our everyday choices DO have a huge impact on our futures.  Funny how we never really stop to think and consider how the choices we are making daily affect our tomorrow. Sure, we see cute little motivation memes, or read a nice quote, but do you ever stop to actually process it? Really think about it?

Probably not, because we have too much going on to actually reflect, right? Yet, reflection is key to our success and to breaking old habits. The whole point of you coming to this website is because you’re interested in breaking old habits so you can reach your full potential, right? Well, the first way to do that is to ensure that you have the right mindset. You need to be prepared mentally and physically for a journey to success.

Every choice from here on out matters! So together, let’s make the choice to be mindful of what you are consuming. What you feed your body is what it is going to put out. And to be honest, if you keep feeding your body harmful chemicals, you’re always going to be toxic. So take the initiative to find a natural, God given, alternative to fixing your body from the inside out.



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