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New to natural solutions? Let me help guide you to an amazing new way of life!

Read Me First…
Hi! Thank you for visiting my site! My hope and desire is that this experience using dōTERRA® will make your
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Just Saying Hi…
If we haven’t met yet… My name is Rachel Murphy and I am extremely motivated to make a positive impact
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What are Natural Solutions?
Cont’d from Blog Post… (read here for the introduction) We hear it all over the place there are natural options
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Integrity, That’s WHY!
So why dōTERRA®? This is probably the question I get asked most often when sharing Essential Oils because there are
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What You do Behind Closed Doors.
What we do behind closed doors shows our true person. Yesterday we looked at the integrity behind why I choose
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The Top 10 Essential Oils You NEED
Are you struggling to figure out where to start with essential oils? With so many to choose from it can
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Essential Oil Safety
doTERRA essential oils are very potent and pure so I want to make sure that you are using them as
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Best Way to Get Natural
I am constantly asked about the best way to order dōTERRA® Essential Oils. People want to know if there is a
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