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Your Epidermis is SHOWING
Hey Ya’ll, The skin is the largest organ in the body with the job of protecting the body from trauma
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Allergies Be Gone!
Dear Entrepreneur, With the industrialization of the food industry over the past 100 years, our bodies have had to deal
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Ready, Set, Let’s GO!
Welcome to the very first/official first day of the Enlightened Entrepreneur program! The blog is going to develop organically and
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Terrific Tuesday! Got 2 Stay Organized.
Welcome to another Enlightened day! I hope ya’ll enjoyed yesterday’s post.  Please feel free to let us know you think
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Happy Hump Day!
Let’s start things off right with a dose of the Daily Word.
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Thrilling Thursday!
Dose of the Daily Word
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Thank You Jesus, It’s Friday!
Daily Dose of Jesus
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Sum of all Saturday…
Hooray! It’s Saturday, the day of getting better!
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It’s Monday… that’s AWESOME
It’s all about perspective.  If you think positive thoughts, you’ll have a positive day, regardless of what happens.  Some days
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Tell Me About Your Tuesday…
We are meant to be courageous risk takers.  We should all aspire to do that with every endeavor we partake
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Wonderful Wednesday – Caterpillar Push
Wednesday, is a wonderful day.  Every day is a wonderful day.  Remember that mindset and every day is TGIF or
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Take a Risk Thursday
3 years ago, today, I took a very big risk.  My heart was pounding, my hands and voice were shaking. 
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