Learn how to kick your recipes up a notch with dōTERRA® Essential Oils.

I remember when I first learned about incorporating oils into my cooking. The idea sounded great, but I had absolutely no idea where to begin!

Which oils were best?
How much oil should I use?
What are the benefits of using oils?
Which brand is the highest quality?

Your time in the kitchen can become a totally enhanced experience, and your guests will start wondering what your ‘secret’ is!

What You Can Expect

My primary goal with any post that I write is to make our time together FUN! Let’s learn from each other! Comment your own recipes, I would love to learn too!

I love answering questions, I’m excited about education, and most importantly – I’m extremely passionate about helping people begin to live the Essential Oils Lifestyle.

There are so many applications for these power-packed potions but most people do not realize how well oils are able to improve your time in the kitchen.

These potent ingredients prove that “a little can go a long way,” read on, I plan on sharing some of my favorite recipes with you.

Here are some that are listed on my doTERRA page to start you off with. 

Appetizers with doTERRA
Here are some great recipes for appetizers! I absolutely love taking these dishes to parties only to have people ask
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Breakfast with doTERRA
Here are some great breakfast recipes to start you off with. They are great to try and easy enough to
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doTERRA desserts
Check out this webpage for a list of doTERRA’s favorite desserts! I personally really like the Strawberry Rosemary Crostata with Rosemary
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doTERRA Drinks
Here are some great drinks to try with your oils! These are taken from “” 1. NON-ALCOHOLIC CRANBERRY & LIME SPRITZER
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Lunch and Dinner with doTERRA
Here are some great lunch and dinner recipes to start with:
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Side Dishes with doTERRA
Here are some great recipes to take to your next party or to add to your next meal! Please feel
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Trimshake Weight Loss Recipes
Here are some great ways to help lose weight that are YUMMY as well!
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