Frankly Said

Cont’d from blog post from Feb. 16, 2018.

Did you ace the quiz? If you said Frankincense, give yourself a big hand slap (high five)! So, why was baby Jesus given Frankincense?

Many scholars believe that the gift of Frankincense signifies Jesus’ priesthood. Although he was just a baby, he was already set apart, the Magi understood that Jesus wasn’t your everyday king. The Magi were also men who were very blessed and could afford frankincense. Frankincense has always been a highly valuable resin. The amount of work that it takes to harvest frankincense makes this resin not only valuable, but also very precious and worthy.

We now understand more about Frankincense and clearly, it is an amazing gift! Frankincense is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic abilities. The properties of frankincense make it an immunostimulant, anticancerous, antidepressant, and very restorative. We now see that this could be connected to immune modulating effects that might explain uses for both inflammatory illness and antimicrobial purposes. 

This is by far my FAVORITE oil! I always tell people, if I was ever on a deserted island and could only have 3 or 5 things, Frankincense would definitely be an item on my list! Frankincense, like Jesus, is known as a king. Frankincense is commonly refered to as “the king of all oils”… or what I like to call it, “Jesus in a bottle”! The constituents found in frankincense make this oil very powerful and useful.

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