Communication is Key

Communicating makes the world go around.

And here you were thinking the world turns because of inertia after a cloud of hydrogen collapsed down from mutual gravity and needed to conserve its angular momentum!  Actually, it’s nowhere near that complicated … or is it?

We talk all day, sometimes we talk to ourselves if no one else will listen. But there are times when we talk and we don’t get understood by the other person. This can lead to stress and un-needed complications.

Without effective communication our relationships suffer and can be lost. All types of relationships can be lost because of inaccurrate communication. Can you think of a time when what you meant wasn’t what the other person understood? I’m sure that you have WAY too many of those instances to count. Why isn’t effective communication taught more than just in speech class? I mean, we use it EVERY DAY, don’t we?

Here are some great blends that can help you get your point across even when you are feeling overwhelmed, emotional, or just blah…


Over-emotional because they don’t understand when communicating?

doTERRA Balance includes essential oils for empowering, confidence and stabilising.

Being emotional when you are trying to talk to someone can really get in the way of your message. So in order to help those emotions I like to use Balance! It helps to feel more grounded and in touch with what your brain is trying to get across verses what your emotions are trying to say. Apply Balance to the soles of your feet and inhale it deeply from the bottle or a drop in your cupped hands.  This will help you to feel stabilised and cope constructively with reality.

Are your thoughts discombobulated and  do you doubt yourself?

Try these essential oils of geranium for opening the mind, sandalwood for grounding and lavender for concentration.

If you’re feeling scattered or overwhelmed, blend these into a roller bottle and it will help keep you focused and can aid in bringing people together on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Apply a drop to your wrists and the edges of your ears and if you can have a diffuser running during your discussion, all the better.

10 ml roller: 7 drops geranium, 10 drops sandalwood, and 15 drop lavender. Top off with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Do you lose your train of thought or forget the key points you wanted to raise?

doTERRA InTune includes essential oils of basil for energising your mind, cardamom for clearing confusion and bergamot for both uplifting and calming.

If you find you lose focus on the outcome you hope to achieve with your communicating, InTune is awesome for keeping you on track and feeling mentally sharp.  If your discussion is business-like, this oil is especially apt as a tool.  Inhale directly from the bottle and apply to the outer edges of your ears and temples.  Be sure to keep it well away from your eyes.


Remember to incorporate essential oils when you’re reading up on communicating effectively.  They can help you to absorb the information so you can more easily bring it to mind.

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