Carry a Mom

Whether you’re a mom or not, sometimes you just need to feel like you’re being carried. Good thing for us God will always lend us a helping hand. We just have to put our pride aside and ask for help! Another good thing for us is that God provides us with the plants we need to help our bodies! We just need to educate ourselves on how to use them properly. Cardamom is a great oil for many things, check out more below.


Ever feel a little heated? Like you can just smash in a persons face? Let’s be real, we all can have a temper at times! See how this oii can help…

This is also my go to for that nervous tummy I get before I travel! Rub a couple of drops on my stomach does the trick every time! I love it in my tea! Today I challenge you toadd just ONE drop to your favorite warm beverage!

Top Ten Uses for Cardamom Essential Oil:

1. When cooking with Cardamom essential oil, start with a very small
drop—essential oils go a long way in flavoring food.
2. To support your digestive system or reduce stomach upsets, use 1-2 drops
topically, aromatically, or internally. Cardamom can be combined with a
digestive essential oil blend.
3. If you are having trouble with stomach gas, add 1 drop to water, or 1-3 drops
to a veggie capsule. You could also massage it over your lower abdomen.
4. Cardamom can help eliminate bad breath. Place a tiny amount on your
5. For muscle discomforts, either add Cardamom oil to a massage oil for a full
body massage, or apply 1-2 drops in a carrier oil over the aching area.
6. Cardamom essential oil can be used to uplift your mood, much the same
way as citrus blends can do. Try diffusing it throughout your room, or
massage 1-2 drops over your chest area.
7. Cardamom is excellent when used in bath water, and will leave you feeling
refreshed and stimulated.
8. Because it is extremely gentle, it can be used in cases where Ginger and
Peppermint may be too strong for children or very sensitive individuals.
9. Cardamom’s strong taste and rich fragrance make it one of the world’s
favorite cooking spices. Use it to accentuate savory dishes or in delicious
baked desserts. It can also be added to tea or coffee for a unique taste
10. Inhale or Diffuse Cardamom when feeling angry to bring balance and
mental clarity.

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