Twofer Thursday.

Communication is key in every relationship. Whether it’s a marriage, a friendship, or your relationship with Jesus. When one person fails to communicate correctly things fall apart…

Do you ever wonder if what you’re saying really means what you’re saying? People tend to assume to often without asking for clarification. Maybe it’s because we want to be accepted so badly that we think we know exactly what the other person is trying to say. When we don’t ask for clarification or when we don’t communicate correctly, things can get a bit fuzzy. Take yesterday for example, did you notice how there wasn’t a post? That was my fault.  My husband, Garrett, had come home from a long day’s work and had been extremely tired. He asked if I could stay up, after putting our son to sleep, to start the post for Wednesday. He said if I was too tired, then I didn’t have to worry about it but he would really appreciate it if I started it. I told him I would get to it. Well, in my mind I thought, I’ll do it as soon as I finish picking the house up a bit. As soon as I was about to start typing, guess who is up crying for Mommy? Yep, Zeke woke up as soon as I had opened by computer. I rushed into put him back to sleep and fell asleep myself. I failed to inform Garrett that I did not have a chance to write the post. Because of this, you did not have a post yesterday. Lack of communication in this case was not a dire situation but it did throw a little hiccup in the day for some of you. And I truly apologize for that. To make up for it today you’re getting a twofer. Enjoy…

Daily Dose of the Word:

Numbers 12:8a “With him I speak mouth to mouth, clearly, and not in riddles, and he beholds the form of the LORD. ”

Amos 3:7 “For the Lord GOD does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.”


Sometime reflection for me is in the car ride to work.  I take that time to relax, drive, and spend quality time with Jesus.  Whether it be with music dedicated to him or silence just listening and praying.  Take time out of your day to just be in the presence of the Lord.

Daily Workout:

Today we are going to play catch up and do a full body workout. Give it your very best shot and be sure to keep track of how many you do in each 30 second interval! Key: (*)If there is an asterisk, write down how many of this exercise you did within the time given.) Every round your goal is to do at least 5 more of each exercise  within the given time.

3 rounds:
March in place for 1 min.
Stretch for 30 secs. (all limbs)
Jumping jacks for 30 secs. 
Burpees for 30 secs.
REST for 30 secs. (use this time to write how many you did)
High Knees for 30 secs.
Butt Kicks for 30 secs.
REST for 30 secs.
Push-ups for 30 secs.
Supermans for 30 secs.
REST for 30 secs.
Alternating lungs for 30 secs.
Squats for 30 secs.
REST for 30 secs.
Plank for 1 min.
Stretch for 1 min.


Natural Solutions:

Today’s Twofer is actually a triple threat blend that I like to use to help me get my communication skills on point! To see what they are visit my Natural Solutions – Communication is Key page.

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